refunds can be processed through PayPal, or send a support entry. Your payment should be considered non-refundable. I will work with you if there is some special circumstance, but really we are not talking about a lot of money here.


I log IP addresses for blacklist and authentication purposes. This is the only data you do not control that I keep. No payment information is stored except whether payment was completed and on what day and time. I only use the email you provide for password reset. You can safely blank it out if you do not need this service. I will not release customer usernames, emails, IP addresses or any other information without a USA court order, EXCEPT in the case of anyone trying to circumvent this sites, or any of my(creagcridhe) other sites security or in the unlikely case that child endangerment is involved. I do not use customer provided information for marketing use or any other use not directly related to the functioning of this site. I will only send you an email for password reset or an end of subscription one week notice, maybe some emergency? Is there such a thing as a role-playing character sheet emergency? If you try and hack me I will attempt to communicate with you to resolve any misunderstandings before law-enforcement.

Acceptable Use Policy

if I need one I will just use PayPal's.

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