Shared private calendars.

Create your own groups, or join anothers by entering the group password. then you will see all the calendars for that group, unless they are private.

Groups, calendars and individual calendar entries can be made private and/or locked.

A private and locked group will still allow users to join, as long as they know the group password. A private group will not show up in a search.

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Group members must enter the group password to join a group, which confirms consent.

This site works on a subscription model, currently $120 per year ($10/month).

With a paid account, you can create 25 free accounts, limited to only your groups, but have full functionality within your groups. They can pay and upgrade their account to a full account whilst saving all settings and data.

Moderators can be selected for both groups and individual calendars, and these moderators have all the same permissions of the creator.

Only your IP is saved, and only for security reasons, if you use a proxy service (often called a VPN service) then no data can be linked to you here. Only cookies from native PHP sessions are used.

By using this site, you are confirming you will not use any of these services to break any laws, anywhere.

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